Devadasi is going to the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Devadasi Fringe Flyer
Kali and I are going to the Hollywood Fringe Festival!!

For those in LA, I’m doing two more performances of my One-Woman Show; Devadasi, A Story of Sex, Power and Devotion.
Show Dates: 

Saturday, June 3rd @ 7pm

Friday, June 23rd @ 8.30pm

Here’s a brief description:

Devadasi: A Story of Sex, Power and Devotion tells Reena’s story of joining a Russian Tantric Cult and falling in love with a “spiritual master” who she makes her God. By helping Reena awaken to an ancient remembrance of herself as a Devadasi, an Indian Temple Priestess, what is at first an empowering relationship soon turns into one of psychological and spiritual manipulation.

Direct interventions by the Goddess Kali, wake Reena up to face the pain of her reality and her own self-hate, a centuries old patriarchal force, which led her into the cult. It is through Reena’s devotion to Kali, in and through her body, that she learns to dance with her own darkness and reclaim the power and sacredness of her body and sexuality.
Through 8 different characters, movement and dance, Reena takes you on an intimate, humorous and mystical journey into the underworld.

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