Kali’s Sword of Truth

Kali Sword 1Another Big YES! I want to give great thanks to Georgianne Cowan for these most amazing photographs and for holding potent space for my soul to dance.

When I started working on my One-Woman Show, Devadasi, I began to receive strong messages from Kali to start dancing with a Sword. To embody the Sword’s power to cut through fear and transform my experience from being a victim in a Russian Cult to being a fierce participant in taking back my life.

Kali Sword 2The day we shot these photos was a big empowerment. It was the Aries Dark Moon. I was up on that magnificent rock and I could FEEL Kali. A wild abandon, a presence far greater than myself. I could feel the heat of the sun on my face, the wind sweeping through my hair, the earth beneath my feet and the spirits of the land. I could feel a re-birthing.

As I rehearse in these final weeks, Kali, through the Sword, is teaching me. Teaching me to dance in the paradox of life, to cut when it’s time, to rebuild my inner strength and confidence, to take back my power.

It is a sublime gift and blessing that I wish everyone woman to have and hope that my story will inspire more women to reclaim our glorious power!Kali Sword 3

For those in Los Angeles, I will be performing Devadasi; A story of Sex, Power and Devotion, on Sunday, May 7th @ 6PM.