Performing in NYC, Coming Full Circle

Kali Sword 4
Kali and I are going to NYC to perform my one-woman show, Devadasi; A Story of Sex, Power and Devotion!

This is big, like I’m coming full-circle, because New York City is where the story starts. New York is where I first met the “spiritual master” who drew me into the Russian Tantric Cult.

In these most intense and distressing times, I’m grateful to be performing again and to share my personal journey into the underworld to find healing and transformation.

I have been struck again and again by how this story of sexual and spiritual empowerment is helping others to feel more embodied and connected to a deeper part of themselves.

I want to give a special shout-out to women and especially young women who are longing to re-claim and re-connect to your sexuality, power and purpose.

The show is going to be on Sunday, November 12th @ 4PM at Theater Row, which is off-Broaday. This is part of a larger festival, The United Solo Festival.

Here is the Link for Tickets: