Following the Heart’s Wisdom

Greetings from India!

I am so grateful to share my experience in India with you. It is such magic to be back here. My soul is alive and dancing!

I recently had a soul-filled moment as I visited a very ancient Fort and had the spontaneous urge to dance.

The freedom I felt in the dance did not come from my mind but rather a surrender to a strong inner calling that I HAD to dance. In fact, this whole trip to India had been one-big surrender and heart-felt calling.

I have been so used to thinking I needed my mind to strategize and lead me, but I let my mind go and I am more on purpose and EMBODIED in my Mission than ever before.

As we move into 2013, my hope is that you too will surrender to your hearts wisdom and inner callings to guide you to greater freedom in any area if your life you wish for.

My wish is that you will always follow your heart and dreams and know that this is the path to Embodying your Highest Mission and light in the world.