I’m Doing a One-Woman Show!!

Big YES. I am so thrilled (and nervous) to announce, I am doing a One-Woman Show here in Los Angeles, May 7th!!

This is the first time I’m sharing the story of how I got involved in a Russian, Tantric Cult and fell love in love with a man, a “spiritual master”, who I made my God. He was the first person to help me awaken to the connection between my sexuality and spirituality and an ancient remembrance of myself as a Devadasi, an Indian Temple Priestess. What was at first an empowering connection soon turned into one of psychological and spiritual manipulation.

It was through devotion and direct interventions by the Goddesses Kali and Aset (Isis), in and through my body and creative life, that I realized how much I had given my power away.

It has been a long journey of opening to the deep pain of this experience and of my own self-hate–passed down through centuries of patriarchal violation and oppression of the feminine–that led me into the cult.

This show is an offering to Kali and Aset, my most beloved Mother Goddesses, for taking and holding me in the underworld journey. Through Their grace, I am learning to be and dance with the darkness and reclaim the power of my body, sexuality and spiritual sovereignty.

For those in Los Angeles, it will be an honor to share this story with you. Save the date, Sunday, May 7th @ 6PM, Highways Performance space in Santa Monica. (Ticket details to come.)