India’s youth and women are on fire with their passion!

Leaving Hyderabad to be in the Ashram of the Great Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari. By far my highlight of Hyderabad was the amazing Young people I met and all the Amazing Women!! India’s youth and women are on FIRE with their passion. It is so inspiring! Wishing you an amazing Holiday Everyone. Cheers and Big LOVE!!! xx

Empower from within

With Maya Tiwari and Paula Fellingham. What a blessed experience!

Greetings from India, Everyone!!! I wake up this morning FILLED with deep gratitude, LOVE and hope for our world and the Power of Women! I just had an amazing meeting last night with a great mentor of mine, Maya Tiwari or “Mother Maya”, where we began to talk about how I can help her Turn Her Mission into a Movement!!!!!

I cannot tell you how exciting this is, because her Mission is BIG. Mother Maya is a profound healer, teaching women how to HEAL themselves through “Inner Medicine” or awakening to their Shakti Power within. ( She healed herself more than once of Ovarian Cancer, after being diagnosed with three months to live, and makes the most amazing connections between healing through our womb for the greater healing of the Earth and humanity. All that we need so much right now!! I thank you Paula Fellingham and your amazing organization the Women’s Information Network, for facilitating this meeting and for your fierce and compassionate dedication to women’s empowerment and liberation all over the world. I LOVE You. To all women and men, may we continue to empower from within to be and lead the change our world is so ready for. Jai Ma!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

The REAL Source of Women’s Power (It’s Not What you Think!)

I am here in India and arrived just in time for a Women’s Empowerment Day, where a big theme was awakening to feminine power within our bodies, or our Shakti Power, in order to be the change in the world.

I created this short video for you with a highlight of the day along with a short practice on you can begin to go within and Nourish Your Power!

What is so beautiful about coming into our power is that there is nothing to strive for or attain. Rather, our power awakens when we deeply nourish and care for ourselves.

We open to our power, when we open to pleasure, to receptivity, to simply being and resting in the body. We open to our power when we relax. How good is that?!

If You Want to Go BIG, You Gotta Go DEEP

On the Eve of Leaving for India, I felt a calling to shoot this video. As I go BIG into my Mission and Calling, I realize I have to go DEEP into my body to hold space for this creation and birthing. As we transition into 2013 and birth new creations, remembering the most simple things like the breath and body has the potential to bring so much grounding, simplicity and pleasure and take us DEEP into our Truth. I hope you enjoy this!! Lots of LOVE

Embodying Your Mission!

I know many of you in my community, and I know your desires for happiness, for service, for EMBODIMENT of your feminine power and beauty. I want to let you know that it is truly our time! There are energies and possibilities open to us right now that have never been before.

I have created this video to introduce you to my mission, my heart, my LOVE and passion to serve in the world!


It all boils down to this. I am more EMBODIED than ever before.

I am ready to step into my power, my passion and mission to serve in the world and this readiness is not coming through my mind, but through my body, through my womb, through my heart and through devotion.

And I so want to inspire the same for you my dear ladies!

My wish is that you will always feel the power that resides within you and believe in all of yourself to bring that power into the world.

As I journey back to India, I will continue to take you with me and will be offering tips and tools to go deeper into a place of honor to yourself, your body and to your highest potential and possibilities to serve in the world.

Through our own inner journey of transformation, we become the change our children, men, communities and the larger world is ready for.

It is a great honor to be on the journey with you!

My Sacred Feminine Journey

I just spent a magical day of sacred make-up, as I prepare for my sacred journey to India!


In ancient times they used to say that women with the brightest lips are the most sensual and women with the brightest eyes were the most wise.

Well, as I journey back to India, I am bringing back both!

It is time for us women to stand in all of our brightness and glory, rather than dimming ourselves down to fit a standard or norm of who or what we should be.

Keep shining and rocking ladies! Big LOVE xx

Commemorating 9/11 In Love

I remember September 11, 2001 very vividly. I was a student at NYU at the time so was living in New York City near Union Square.  I woke up to an NPR broadcaster who was in shock as she was reporting a second plane was headed towards the second world trade tower.

I had voicemails on my phone from loved ones and my girlfriend who could not locate her mom who was scheduled to go vote in the towers that day was besides herself.  In the end her mom was ok.

That day in New York City was surreal.  Everything was in chaos but in order at the same time.  White ashes were flying around everywhere and people were just roaming the streets with a new found love and openness to one another.