Raw and Deep

Wow, Deep Breath.  This has been a very powerful week for me, as I have come back to my ancestral home in India to go deeper into healing and birthing my mission and movement in the world.

Everything has been very raw and potent for me and even creating this week’s video was no easy task!

I welcome you watch it, as I speak about how important it is to heal and draw strength from your ancestral line in order to birth your BIG mission and movement.

Because here’s the thing, it is likely that whatever it is you are meant to birth and change in the world is directly connected to that which you are meant to heal most deeply within yourself, and therefore in your ancestry.

For example, I feel very passionate about ending violence against women.  This mission of mine has taken on a whole new dimension, as I have come back here to my ancestral home and experienced how culturally engrained violence towards women is in the community that my ancestry comes from.

I myself was beginning to carry this forward through self-silencing and getting into abusive relationships, however my commitment to my own healing and empowerment over the past several years allowed me to “break the chain” and re-create a new story for my ancestry and for future generations. 

And now I am also able to share this with the women in my ancestral village, which is so incredibly special!

Because, as always our own transformation is what sparks the change we want to see in the world.