Your Yoni’s Power to Birth Your Mission!

I am so exciting to be writing to you about this week’s subject, the Power of our Yoni’s!

In Sanskrit, the ancient spiritual language, Yoni means vagina, vulva, womb, creation, source. For thousands of years the Yoni was worshiped as THE symbol of the Goddess and women’s power.

For more on this, I created a short video live from Devipuram, where I have been for the past several weeks diving deeper into the sacred teachings and practices from the ancient Tantric Goddess lineages of India.

Why I’m so excited to be talking about the Yoni is because of the transformative power it has for our own relationship to our power and bodies and the transformative power for the world.

The Yoni is our source of life. It is from where we came and from where every living being on this planet has come.

When we begin to heal and become empowered from our SOURCE, our ability to reach our highest potential and birth our missions and movements in the world becomes an effortless flow, a natural emanation of the deepest essence and truth that lies within us.

I can share this with you from my own experience. I had often thought that finding the perfect partner, connecting to my life’s purpose and mission and living my dreams would come through effort.

And in fact, while it has come through effort, this has not been external effort and one of grasping for that which “I don’t have,” but rather an inner effort to reconnect with the great source that lives within.

This source is Shakti, it is our power as women and it lives in our bodies, in our wombs and in our Yoni’s. When we begin to re-connect to this power it heals us, it heals our men and children and it heals the world.

Who could ask for anything more?!!

If you haven’t already, please make sure to check out the video for a simple, yet extremely effective practice to begin to connect to the power of your body and Yoni!

Sending Great LOVE from Mother India,