What does devotion mean to you?

For me devotion has saved my life, it has brought me closer to understanding the love and power that exists within me and all beings. It has brought me into a place of peace, humility and deep service in Birthing my Mission and calling in the world.

In this week’s video I offer you a definition and four simple steps you can take to go deeper into your path of devotion in order to birth your Mission and Movement in the world.

As I mention towards the end of the video, there is nothing that can compare in this material world than developing a relationship to the divine.

The grace of the divine will carry you through the depths of turmoil, the heights of ecstasy, through the good, the bad, the ugly, the real and surreal.

There are little words for the grace. It must be lived and experienced with an empty mind and a wide-open heart.

I welcome you to unfold and unfurl, dance, devote, love, become empty and full along with me.