Getting Out of Your Own Way

This phrase, “Getting out of Your Own Way” has been coming up a lot for me recently.

I thought I would share some reflections on this, as maybe it is also something that will resonate for you.

What does it mean to “Get Out of Your Own Way”?

For me it means not letting self-doubt and self-criticism stop me from TAKING ACTION on my Soul’s Mission.

And because the Universe likes to keep things interesting for us, it is often just at those moments when we begin to align with our soul’s mission and begin to REALLY find and speak our truth that we subconsciously start to block ourselves and Get in our Own Way!

“Who do you think you are?  You can’t do that?  What are THEY going to think?”

Can you relate?

As you know, I recently returned from an AMAZING journey to India, where I feel my soul is FILLED and ready to BIRTH my soul’s work and next offering. (Which I am very excitedly preparing now and will announce very soon!)

Well, as I am preparing to Birth my soul’s work, become more public again and speak my truth in a bigger way, all of my inner critics and doubts are popping up.

A voice inside of me says I should have stayed in India, where I feel more spiritually connected and don’t face my inner critic as much, but then I realize I am exactly where I need to be.

Because here’s the thing, BIRTHING my Soul’s Mission and purpose in the world, is directly connected to my own inner growth and development, as it is for all of us.

We are meant to be developing ourselves constantly, learning how to LOVE ourselves more and therefore have a greater capacity to LOVE others and extend this LOVE out into the world.

So the bigger we go into the world, the more our pain buttons and shadows are going to come to light.

It’s part of the path, and it’s a path of great courage and fierce compassion, for ourselves and others.

And it’s a path that we as women, with BIG Hearts and Missions are being CALLED to walk down right now, whether we want to or not!

So when I say, “Get out of Your Own Way,” I mean don’t give up, keep believing in yourself, in your Mission and how much we need you and the world needs you.

Because you are a WOMAN, and it is your TIME to SHINE!!  The Universe says so, and you can’t really argue with the Universe :)

So before I leave you, I want to offer some tips that I use “To Get Out of My Own Way,” that might be helpful to you.

•    Do things that make you feel GOOD, that inspire you and bring you joy
•    Feel, Feel, Feel and accept those feelings as mere sensation without attachment or suppressing them.
•    Put energy towards your dreams, your purposes, your highest Vision and Mission
•    Invite the Divine into Your Life, ask for help and support, commune with spiritual community and establish a daily practice that will “hold you.”
•    Put intention to stay in a place of Gratitude and Service, which brings perspective.

Thank you for reading.  I’m truly so excited for all that awaits us!