Intimacy and Sisterhood

The topic of Sisterhood seems to be very present for me, and others, right now, so I thought I would offer some reflections.

As you know, I recently returned from India, which was an incredible experience on so many levels.

One of the most endearing experiences was the level of intimacy and love I experienced in my relationships with my Indian sisters and brothers.

India is such an incredible country, built on a very strong social fabric and deep bonds between people.

As an example, one thing that touched me so much in India was how men and women referred to each other on the street or in shops.  In my ancestral state, Gujarat, men were referred to as “Kaka”, meaning ‘my father’s brother’ and women were referred to as “Masi” meaning ‘my mother’s sister.’

It is common throughout India that children would refer to any elder as Uncle or Auntie.

People greeting each other as family without even having met before, how beautiful is that?!

This level of intimacy was present for my whole trip.  I was treated as a daughter, sister, and most dear friend even after meeting someone for the first time.

So upon coming back from India, I have been CRAVING for this intimacy like never before.

It’s an intimacy in relationships that is built on deep care for one another, where you actually begin to feel that friends or community are family.

Your girlfriends turn into sisters, sisters who support the best in one another, who you can share anything with and not be judged, who have unconditional love for you.

Do you crave that?  Ask yourself how much having intimate sisterhood could change your life or maybe already has.

Studies show that when women are in circle with one another and really listening to and supporting each other live longer and experience so much more fulfillment and happiness in life.

It’s time and it’s so important and something I am even more committed to building as I settle back into Los Angeles.