Seek TRUTH, Be the Change

Greetings from Gujarat, India! I’m here in the home state of my ancestors and also the home state of Gandhi.

It is such a deep blessing that I was recently able to visit Gandhi’s ashram here in Gujarat.

Sitting in the courtyard of his former home, I created this short video for you to capture the energy of Gandhi’s message to BE THE CHANGE!

What came across most strongly from Gandhi’s ashram was his inner search for TRUTH, which he called GOD.

His inner spiritual, or personal journey, was the place from which he birthed one of the most massive social movements in human history, India’s Independence movement.

So what I’d like to leave you with this week, is how important it is to commit to your inner truth, and particularly how important it is to establish a daily practice to open to this inner truth as you birth your mission and movement in the world.

This can look like a daily practice of dance, yoga, singing, prayer, communing with nature.

As we have been speaking in our journey together, particularly important for women is a body-based practice and accessing the womb, or yoni, to awaken to the wisdom that lies within.

As you commit to yourself and your inner truth through a daily practice, you begin to access more subtle and deep energies that allow for your mission and movement to reveal themselves through you, rather than being forced by the minds conditioning.

I hope you will join me in the search for Truth. It is truly a magical and blessed journey to be able to go within and discover the great feminine treasures the world is ready for.

Sending Great LOVE from Gujarat!