Look at this beautiful goddess!!


Her name is Moreshwari. She’s an aspect of the Goddess Durga. I recently visited her temple here in Gujarat. She is what’s called the KulDevi of my ancestry on my mom’s side. Kul means ‘ancestry’ and Devi means ‘Goddess,’ so she’s the Ancestral Goddess of the lineage.


In India, most communities will have a KulDevi that they have worshiped for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. She’s like the Mother Goddess of the family.



On my father’s side the KulDevi is AmbaJi, also an aspect of Durga and the KulDev (male ancestral god) is Shiva. All of these are fierce Gods and Goddeses. It’s so fascinating for me to be learning this about my family now, as I have been drawn into devotion to the fierce Goddesses over the past year.