Journey to Kumbh Mela

This was an experience of a lifetime, so filled with joy, blessings and challenging to the core. I was called to the Kumbh, I found out in being there it was to become humbled by the devotion and hearts of Ma Ganga’s devotees. People walking for hours, days, carrying bags on their heads, many with thin slippers or no shoes at all. Bodies, bodies, bodies, people everywhere, about 35 million on one day to bathe, purify and hope to escape the cycle of re-birth. I felt spirit in the hearts of the souls I walked with, and for the first time understood with more grounding that spirituality cannot be taught from the robes the swami’s and gurus adorn upon themselves and preach from. It is already here in our hearts and only to remember. Jai Ma for her blessings that we could take another dip.