What is Social Change? Inspirations from my Mom

This is the last video I will share during my journey in India. I wrap up my journey with a heavy heart and such deep gratitude for the blessings of the past two and half months.

I have had the opportunity to spend the past ten days with my amazing mother, who has come to India to dive deeper into the next phase of her life to create social change in the world.

For her this means carrying out her dream to help poor children and families who are living in and around the slums of Mumbai to have access to education, clean water and proper sanitation.

Inspired by my mother and my own desire for social transformation, my question to you this week is what is your vision of social change and how do you see yourself carrying this out?

I have created a short video that offers a simple and practical framework and exercise to begin to implement the change you want to lead in the world.

Through my past experience in social movement organizing, and subsequent burnout, and turn to feminine spirituality, I have understood that the most effective way for us as women to bring about social change is through our own inner empowerment and combination of the feminine and masculine to practically carry out our missions with grace and ease.

It’s one thing to think about the change you want to lead in the world and it’s a whole other experience to dance, express and embody that change!

I hope you will watch this video to get down and dirty with the change you are meant to lead! I will love to hear any feedback you have.