All Beauty Contains Darkness

I have touched down in Los Angeles. After 10 soul-filled weeks in India, I have to say that new insights and truths continue to open up to me everyday.


One big insight has come out of how darn confusing it has been to be back.

I was really ready to come back, but then in being back I didn’t want to be back, but I didn’t want to be in India, and then I didn’t want to feel sad to be back, but I did feel sad, but I also felt happy and grateful and then it was day here and night there, so I felt tired during the day, and I forgot how to dress here and I didn’t really like my cooking anymore (need more spices) and, and, and…

You kind of get where I’m going with this?

So out of all this THINKING, here’s the insight. I just had to BE! Oh my Goddess, I just had to BE, without judgments, without labeling my feelings, thoughts, emotions, desires, experience as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. I just had to BE.


Do you ever have experiences like that? When there is so much going on at different levels in your life that you can’t really do anything but simply be? [Read more...]