My Feminine Week

This has been an exciting week, with exciting things to share.

I was interviewed this week by the Amazing Vanessa Halloum on her Blog Talk Radio Show, Feminine Soul Radio.

It’s a wonderful, 30-minute interview and was picked as a Staff Choice for this week!

We go into Soulful Topics like:

  • Why the Goddess was suppressed for thousands of years
  • What impact this has on us as women and our leadership today
  • Why women have a particular path to awakening based in the body
  • Practical steps you can take today to awaken into your feminine power

To check it out go Here.

I am also thrilled to introduce you to Vanessa’s Feminine Soul Community, an on-line network of women awakening the divine feminine in themselves and the world.

This is a wonderful resource if you want to be in an on-line community of support with other like-minded, amazing women! [Read more...]